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Gwenny’s Birthday Bash St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

I can hardly believe my little girl is 9 already–or she WILL be when St. Patrick’s Day gets here. Sigh. It was just yesterday she was yelling for her “bing” and crawling. She has become quite the beautiful, thoughtful little girl. She even donated her hair last year to “Locks of Love”. Since she was about 3, she has constantly asked to donate her hair to sick kids. Such a darling little girl. I’m so proud to be her mommy.

She had kind of a rough start. The whole time I was pregnant with her, the drs told me she wasn’t growing. When they weren’t telling me she wasn’t big enough, they were telling me she had a hole in her heart. Then, they told me she might have Down’s Syndrome and asked if the results of the amnio came back that she did indeed have it, would I consider terminating my pregnancy? Really? WHY? Just because she was different, I was going to KILL my baby? No fucking way. They had to be out of their minds…In the end, everything was fine. The hole closed, the amnio came back perfect and she was a 7 lb 15 oz beautiful baby girl!

She sure was in a rush to get out after all that, though. I had routine checkup that morning and had gotten up to get a shower and things. I felt “off”, but no pain or anything. Just weird. My hubby joked that I was going to have her that day. I took my shower, and shaved my legs (thank goodness!) and right after I got out of the shower, I started cramping. Of course, Richie gloated that he was right. I REFUSED to let him drive to the doc, which was an hour away, so I started out driving myself. Being a regular doc appointment, we were taking Tristan (who was 4 at the time) with us. By the time we were ready to go, the pains were getting harder and closer. But I was STILL driving. Found my dad at his friend’s house, though, and told him I THOUGHT I might be going to the hospital after my checkup, would he please keep Tristan. Of course he did. My daddy is awesome!

We headed out to Winchester and before we got 15 minutes out of town, I had to stop and let Richie drive. He begged me for the last 30 minutes of the drive to please go straight to the hospital. I told him I was NOT going to the hospital. I was in labor with Tristan for 3 days and the docs told me he was a urinary tract infection. Damn Ginevan stubborn genes anyway. ;)

We got to the exit for the doc, which is just a few lights AFTER the hospital and he said “PLEASE just go to the hospital.” I refused. 2 lights later, I was begging to go to the ER. Looking back, I can laugh, but it was so NOT funny at the time.

When we arrived at the L&D floor, they immediately hooked me up to monitors and said my contractions weren’t strong enough, that I’d need to wait. I’m TELLING you, they were plenty strong. They refused to check my dilation. I told them I HAD to have drugs and they once again refused. The nurse told me I needed to walk around to help the contractions to do their work. I said ok and we went to walk the hall. The very next contraction, I was on my knees. Poor Richie was lost as to what to do for me. Once that pain passed, I went back and told them I was NOT walking anymore and they needed to give me SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Except that med that makes me puke. I can’t for the life of me remember that right now. That’s what I have Richie for. He knows my weaknesses. ;)

They told me that sometimes laying on your left side helps to decrease the pain, I said, whatever. They took me in to lay down on a bed and the nurse walked out. I heard a slight “POP” and water gushed everywhere! I told Richie to go get the bitch who wouldn’t listen to me. She came back in and peeked under the sheet. “Yep. Your water broke”. Um. You think???? So I wasn’t even admitted yet because I wasn’t in labor enough for them. She went back out to get the paperwork and the bracelets and someone to start an IV.

When she came back, she was having me sign my admittance papers while someone else was putting the IV in. She decided to check my dilation and sure enough, I was at a 6. She said she’d get someone to bring me something to ease the pain because I was definitely in hard labor now. Idiot. I TOLD her that and I have no degree.

While she was gone, I decided that pushing (ever so slightly) helped to ease the pain. She came back in about 5 minutes later and said “you’re not pushing are you?” I said “No.” She didn’t believe me then, either and the bitch literally JUMPED on me and held my legs closed. “DON’T PUSH” she screamed. I was beyond caring what any of them thought. I just kept on my happy little gentle pushing.

She said “If you’ll stop pushing, I’ll check your dilation”. I did what the nice lady said, and WOW! Gwen was already crowning. She went running. Hilarious now. Gwen was nearly out before the doctor came in. Another nurse who had come in with Ms. Jumpy Pants had to nearly deliver her. 3 pushes and she was OUT. My beautiful baby girl. She was born at 4:16pm on 3/17/03.Gwenny's hospital pic I didn’t get my epidural. Nothing for the pain. I was up and walking about 15 minutes later and felt better than ever. It was awesome.

Now I have a beautiful baby girl to add to our awesome family. Dad brought Tristan to the hospital later and I jokingly said “How do you like our St. Patty’s Baby?” Tristan (who was 4, mind you) said “Why do we have Patty’s baby???” Poor little guy was so confused and we laughed so hard.

Meeting Gwen

Meeting our "St. Patty's Baby"

It was an awesome day.

1st Bday cake

Gwenny's 1st Birthday

Now I have an awesome gift for all of you, our wonderful readers. To celebrate Gwenny’s birthday I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers to bring you a chance to win some great prizes. The biggest is a gift card for $40! I’m also throwing in a Handmade Card of winner’s choice from Custom Cards and a code for a free Redbox Rental.

To see all the sponsors, click HERE. And click on PHOTO ALBUM to see lots more Gwenny pics throughout the years!

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