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Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school here in WV. Not sure of other parts of the state, but here…in our little town it is…I’m not sure if I’m happy about that or not. I’ll still have to get up at 3am with my honey to get him off to work, but will I need to stay up and make sure the kids get up and off to school? Nope. I can (maybe) grab a few more hours’ sleep in the mornings. No more hectic “Mom, where are my clothes?” “I forgot to brush my teeth!” “Did you give me a quarter?” “Tristan, I was sitting there” mornings. Does that mean I’ll not hear those things during the summer? NO. But I won’t be RUSHED when I hear them.

Gwen’s upset, though. She LOVES her teacher. She doesn’t want to leave her for next year’s teacher. She “heard he’s mean”. I’ll admit, her teacher this year has been AWESOME (but then, she was when Tristan had her, too so it’s not a surprise) BUT while the teacher she will have next year will be a little tougher, he’s not MEAN. He is a dude. He does have a low BS tolerance. Tristan had him & got along well with him. So did I. Gwen isn’t a trouble maker by any means, so I’m sure she’ll be fine. It’s gonna get tougher as the years go on. The teachers are gonna get stricter…she’s gotta deal with it. She hasn’t wanted to leave any of her teachers, though…Her kindergarten teacher, she LOVED…while I had issues with her…I talked her into going to first grade by telling her “Tristan had this teacher for first grade. She was SO nice” only to find out that she wasn’t there when school started…There was a guy teacher. Mr. C. Just out of college. A very young guy.  She adored him. Still talks about him. Then it was off to 2nd grade. Again, we had to have the “I heard she’s mean” “Tristan had her and she’s not” conversation. Once again, she loved her. Off to third grade, where she’s yet again having “I don’t want to leave her” issues. Sigh. I do love my kids’ quirks.

Last night, we went to Tristan’s 6th grade graduation. I didn’t cry. Well, ONE tear escaped. It was Mrs. Delawder’s fault when she choked up telling how wonderful our kids were. It’s a small class; only 11 kids. Except one, they’ve been together since Kindergarten. All I could do was sit and watch as they accepted their awards and think of the first day we dropped them off and waited for them to go to Kindergarten. I really did want to cry. I managed to be tough. They had an awesome teacher this year and Tristan really liked her and enjoyed class. She did lots of fun things with them including dissecting “owl pellets” and having her brother-in-law come in and letting them shoot rockets. He confided this morning that he doesn’t want to go to high school next year. “The high schoolers are jerks.” Yep. Been there, remember that. Was NEVER so glad to leave a place. I’m not sure I’m ready for him to go to high school, either. (You’re probably thinking: shouldn’t that be Jr. High? Nope. Here, we only have Elementary K-6 and High School 7-12. Not a big school, which I feel strongly that contributes to great individual attention which in turn creates more well-balanced kids and better learning. We simply don’t have the problems that bigger schools have.) He’s just not old enough. But then, he probably never will be to me. He says the only thing he’s looking forward to next year is Science and Mr. Poniris’–Shop class. (He’s also been a part of TSA with Mr. Poniris this year and has really enjoyed it.)

Speaking of awards, he got many!  He got different math awards, a Chess award, a research award, an award because HIS yearbook cover design was chosen to be ON the yearbook, a spelling bee award, but I think I’m MOST proud of his “President’s Award of Excellence”. What’s that mean, you ask? That he’s carried a 3.5 grade average or above throughout 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. I’m so proud of my little man. If only he could write legibly! ;)

Gwen’s award ceremony is today at 1:00, so I don’t know as of now what she has. Both of my kids are awesome and I know they will grow into awesome adults. I am so proud that I’ve done at least ONE thing right with them. They’re spoiled. I’ll be of of the first (if not the first) to tell you that. But they are generous, helpful, awesome little people. I do love my babies.

Annndddd…now that I really am tearing up, I’ll leave you with some pics of my little man at graduation…


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